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Diamond - The Project

*The Song – Our Gift.*

We are trying to raise enough money to get a song written and professionally produced to present to Cliff on or close to his Birthday this year - from us, the fans!

We had a poll on Facebook last year to see if there was enough interest out there to raise the money and there is! 

*Here is the timeline*

This is the deciding timeline based on whether enough money can be collated for the production of the song. If we cannot collect enough, the money raised by Oct 1st will be presented to Cliff for Cliff's Tearfund charity. If we raise more than the £4.5k target, this will also be given to the Tearfund charity, along with any monies raised from the download that we plan to make available once the gift has been presented.

January 2018
Money and lyric collection, plus a FB poll to decide on the tempo of the song (tempo FB poll ends at end of Feb).

May 30th to July 15th (if target reached)
Demo's produced from lyrics provided.
Lyric provided to song writers for the demos - as written by you, the fans.

(If the target money NOT raised will go to Tearfund and the song project ceases at this point.)

However - based on project continuing…

July 15th to July 31st
Song selection and project awarded.

Aug 1st to Oct 1st 2018
Song professionally produced and recorded in a studio. CD cover designed, MP3 download only arranged and charity single available for purchase on Oct 15th. CD and/or cheque presented to Cliff on Oct 14 or 15th at RAH (if possible).

Further charity money raised as a result of download to be provided to Tearfund afterwards.

So, what do you need to do?

If you wish to donate towards our target of £4.5k, you can do so by reading on......

You can donate via a PayPal pool that I have set up, linked to our CRFC PayPal account. This is a way of keeping the PayPal balance in your sights.

The link to our pool is:

I will also accept donations directly - payable to The Cliff Richard Fan Club, and I will keep money sent to me for this project separate from that of the club account, in a savings account - which is linked to the main CRFC bank account.
The details for this, should you wish to do a bank transfer, are:
Sort: 30-98-62 – A/C – 26944160.
IBAN: GB LOYD 3098 6201 3330 51
(using the IBAN and BIC will put money in the clubs main account, but I will move it to the Diamond account).

I will keep you appraised of its total regularly.

If you wish to write a cheque out ( please note - UK CHEQUES and PO’s ONLY please ), then make them payable to The Cliff Richard Fan Club, and send them to me at CRFC, Coresbrook Way, Woking, Surrey, GU21 2TP.

As part of the donation, you may also provide up to 2 lines of lyrics that you may try and get included within the song. I will collate all lyrics provided (and by whom) and these will be given to 3 song writers at the the end of May. The hope is that you can come up with the sentiment that you wish to express to Cliff to aid the lyricists. You can also email me those 2 lines of lyrics at

Any lyrics selected that are used in the actual song selected will be credited in the words of the CD's jewel case.

Wish us luck!




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