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Hi I'm Carol president of the Cliff Richard Fan Club

Being a Cliff Richard fan makes you a person with excellent taste in my book!

My name is Carol Sangwell and I am President of the London and Surrey fan club.

First of all, let me give you a little history about the regional and world wide fan clubs. Once upon a time, back when the swinging 60's were upon us, Cliff had one centralised fan club, based in the UK. Now legend tells me that this particular club ran into financial difficulties, for reasons that are not known to me. I'm told that Cliff had to bail the club out and at the time, vowed never to do it again......

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We had the most glorious October, most of us utterly spoilt with Cliff's outstanding Great 80 UK tour.  There has been a plethora of things online for us to enjoy and all in all, I'd argue that the 'dry covid' period is well and truly over and I'm personally happily wallowing in Cliff-ness!  Head over to our Facebook page to liaise with me and other fans, it's a great page to share thoughts about Cliff!

Christmas is coming (too soon I know)!  Please nip over to the more info button to pick up the calendar from Leo's Den, plus any other goodies that that have that you might like including theGreat 80 DVD which was recorded at the last night of the Royal Albert Hall in October.

If you've not got 'Music, the air that I breathe', that's also available at Leo's - the  wonderful latest album that Cliff released.

Mistletoe and Wine has been released as a Collabro single this Christmas - 33 years after it's original release, featuring Cliff.  I really hope that we can get that single to number one in 2021 - wouldn't that be amazing?

Finally,  please welcome our new honorary Member - Zoé Gates.  There is a new gallery of her fabulous photos that you are free to have an ogle at!  :)

Thank you,

Carol x

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