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Many independent regional and worldwide clubs sprang up over the years, due to Cliff's increased popularity. The fan clubs are not official.

There is no official fan club.  Surprising isn't it?

Cliff is not directly involved with every club. Each club will do its own publicity (as I'm doing now) to promote and entice members to join. I have been running this club since 1998, and as I was previously a member, I've a good idea of what people want to read about, as well as being able to try and provide the Cliff information as quickly as possible! I get much enjoyment out of keeping you guys happy! I am always willing to help if you have any questions!

Other UK and Worldwide fan clubs are listed here.

One point that I do have to make very clear. The Cliff Richard fan clubs throughout the UK, on some occasions, rarely get priority information regarding Cliff and his activities. Many of you had disappointing results when it came to trying to get through for the tour tickets. My advice to you for future dates and concerts is, try another ticket supplier but it must be one that is recommended as a ticket supplier. Don't be fooled by some people who advertise front row seats for Cliff - guaranteed!  They won't be and you will lose your money! I bought my tickets through Ticket Master (TM) and managed to get through to them much faster than I did whilst trying the official hotline at the same time. I’m sure that if I hadn’t tried TM, like many of you, I wouldn’t have been able to get tickets either. Cliff has always maintained that he doesn't think that the fan clubs should get priority information all of the time as he has such a huge fan following. So he tries to be fair in the distribution of the information that he releases.  As there is a grapevine of contacts throughout the country, so we often do get information in plenty of time for release: be it concerts, single and albums, no matter how Cliff decides to release the news officially.  (Cliff's secrets don't say secret for long it has to be said!) We do not (or at least extremely rarely) ever get priority seats at concerts, nor can I or any other club, guarantee that as club members you will ever be able to purchase 'the best seats in the house' just because we are in the fan club.  I'm sorry but Cliff just doesn't think that it's fair to those members that aren't in his fan clubs.  I, like you, have to queue with the 1000's of other people to get tickets.  I hope that this fact doesn't put you off joining. It's a great club - honest!

About the Club itself:

I produce a quarterly magazine, which I sincerely hope you will be pleased to received. My club magazine is called Cliff Guaranteed. It's an A5 book of at least 24 pages (and often many more) all packed with all sorts of Cliff information.  Annual releases are FEB, MAY, AUGUST and NOVEMBER.

As I've  explained, I will always do my very best to provide you with as much Cliff information as possible. With competitions and magazine reports, I also very much encourage member participation for reports and extra items that I may not have heard about.  This web site is to promote the club rather than detract from the magazines that I produce, therefore in order for you to benefit from everything I have to offer, please consider joining the club. 

Details of joining fees are shown to the right.

The welcome pack will have two past magazines in them (so you can see what you are going to get in the membership year!)  a full colour membership card with a picture on the reverse side, a colour photos of the man himself, a keyring (with another colour picture in it), a magnifying card and a badge.

The membership includes: all postage costs, 4 issues of  Cliff Guaranteed annually (Feb, May, Aug and Nov), extra information  when divulged by the Cliff Richard Organisation, which is  sent out by email  (or in URGENT in SAE's (supplied by yourselves and kept on file in my office) - so don't forget to provide me with an email addy!)

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Please print out and complete the joining form and please don't forget to send your remittance. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

We also have Honorary Members and information on these special people can be found here!

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