Welcome to Cliff's (London & Surrey) Fan Club

Hi I'm Carol president of the Cliff Richard Fan Club (L&S) - although we have club members from all over the world!

Being a Cliff Richard fan makes you a person with excellent taste in my book!

My name is Carol Sangwell and I am President of this fan club.

First of all, let me give you a little history about the regional and world wide fan clubs. Once upon a time, back when the swinging 60's were upon us, Cliff had one centralised fan club, based in the UK. Now legend tells me that this particular club ran into financial difficulties, for reasons that are not known to me. I'm told that Cliff had to bail the club out and at the time, vowed never to do it again......

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I do hope you enjoy looking around this site.  So much information for you all to see.

The Facebook page is here - open to all, so come and find some like-minded folk as we are a friendly bunch.  Haters and scammers get blocked and banned (I don't know why they bother to be honest as we are quick to 'action' them right out of the chat!), so mostly it's just people who love Cliff.  And what is not to love eh?  Please be careful with these scammers online who pretend to be Cliff - we know it's never him, so please don't fall for the messages.

There are polls and regular posts - why don't you pop over and join us, after you've joined the club here of course. 

Check out Leo's Den for the latest Cliff bit's for sale (including the DVD_ plus the 2024 calendar which is available to order now!

The latest news is the new album 'Cliff with Strings - My Kinda Life' comprises seven decades worth of hits including the songs Living Doll, Summer Holiday, We Don’t Talk Anymore and Suddenly, with the late Olivia Newton-John.

Discussing the album, Sir Cliff said: “After 65 years in the business, it is really an emotional journey to listen back to some of my original vocals and hear just how young I was, and how my style changed over the years.'
Check out more on the news page for the latest!

Take care!

Carol x