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Zoé Gates

To anyone who doesn’t know me, the best way to define myself would be to say I’m a mega Cliff fan, in my absolute element on a Cliff tour.

It’s not just about the music, I adore the complete package and think Cliff is such a special person. My respect for him and all his achievements continues to grow and like any fan, we are all immensely proud of him. I first saw Cliff ‘live’ in my teens and from that moment I was hooked. 26 years on and I haven’t looked back - I’ve realised with Cliff, there is always something to look forward to and every year he seems to keep us busy ….. and wanting more!

As I write this, Cliff has just completed his Great 80 tour and what a fab tour it was! I loved each and every minute and tried capturing some of those special moments in photographic form - I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. He seriously can’t be 81 …. can he?!!

Tina Goldsmith

Congratulations for the most recent honorary members to our list and to Tina and her husband Paul, who have supported me adminstratively for years now. 

Without their support I'd be utterly lost, as they help me with each and every magazine release to you, their fans.  I should have given this honorary membership out a long time ago as they both deserve recognition for their support to me, and of course, their devotion to Cliff.

My sincere thanks to them both!  x

Leo's Den

Leo's Den is the BEST place to purchase your Cliff CD's and DVD's etc, as they dedicate themselves to Cliff and the Shadows in particular and often have rare and less available items, making them a great go to place for your collections.  Although they are a small business, they have been working closely with the CRO and also with The Shadows for over 24 years, they ARE very competitive on their prices and will often match the 'big boys' such as Amazon, or you may indeed find that they are actually slightly cheaper!  Their service is excellent, their communication is exemplary and it's actually reassuring to know that you are dealing with real people on the other end of the internet.  Your deliveries will equal (if not better) the service of other internet services and you will get any new releases on the day of release!

Juliette, one of the company owners is utterly charming.  Leo's Den distributed the 'Diamond' CD for our club in 2018 and very generously gave their time in doing this enormous task for free, aiding in the £10,000 Tearfund donation.  I wouldn't have been able to have completed the project without their help and I'm in their debt - they deserve to be our honorary club member.  This is absolutely the least we can do to thank Juliette and her team.  I can assure you that they should be your go to distributor particularly for anything Cliff related - CD's, DVD's books etc.  Please click on the logo above to visit their site and persue their stock.

Alan Tarney

Alan Tarney is an English songwriter (that we particularly associate with Cliff!), record producer (also producer of our song gift 'Diamond') and bass guitarist. He was born in Northside, Workington, Cumberland, England, but spent his teenage years in Adelaide, Australia, where he met his song writing and musical partner Trevor Spencer.

After a career as a musician,  Alan began the biggest period of his career when he wrote and arranged the Cliff Richard No. 1, "We Don't Talk Anymore" in 1979. This led to him becoming Cliff's record producer of his next two albums, I'm No Hero (1980) and Wired for Sound (1981). At this time he also wrote and produced Barbara Dickson and Leo Sayer – his distinctive sound being heard on the hit singles "January February" and "More Than I Can Say".

Alan went on to bigger success in the mid-1980s when he teamed up with Norwegian pop band A-ha. Producing the second version (after Tony Mansfield) of their first single "Take on Me" (1984), the song went on to become a worldwide hit. He worked on the bands biggest selling first three albums, He renewed his working relationship with the band in the production of their album release Cast in Steel (2015).

He produced David Cassidy's comeback 1985 album Romance, which included the top ten hit "The Last Kiss" co-written by Raymond Hoskins and David Cassidy. The song had previously been written for Cliff Richard for his 1981 album Wired for Sound. Cliff’s version however, contained different lyrics and was titled Young Love.

He returned again to write and produce for the Cliff Richard albums Always Guaranteed (1987) and Stronger (1989).

Alan was approached to help me with the gift of a song for Cliff and helped to produce ‘Diamond’.  As a result of his generous assistance, I asked him to become an honorary member of this club, to which he said yes and we are delighted to welcome him onboard!

Helen Hobson

The Cliff Richard Fan Club of London and Surrey wishes to welcome honorary member, Helen 'Cathy' Hobson, singer on our song gift 'Diamond'!  Any Cliff fan will remember Helen from Heathcliff, where she played along side Cliff as Cathy Earnshaw for many shows. She's not stopped working, perhaps only long enough to get married and have a family and I am delighted to introduce her as a new member of this club and share with you, her latest project

Helen says:

'It seems a long time since the wonderful Heathcliff times, a show I will never forget and hold very close to my heart.

Since then I have stayed in Musical Theatre and have done the odd TV and play. I am currently playing the role of Mother Abbess in The Sound Of Music at Regents Park Open Air Theatre. We have just extended for a week due to the amazing ticket sales !!

Alongside my own career I am now in a group called Access All Arias. We have a web site www.accessallarias.co.uk and we have a series of concerts coming up the first of which is on september the 8th at the Buxton Opera House, in Derbyshire.'

Helen is an experienced actress and a qualified speech and drama teacher. She works regularly at London's Drama schools and in private studios. She also works with people in business coaching them with presentation skills.

Helen is also a vocal and audition coach and uns her own health and nutrition business www.lifeofherbs.com

West end leading ladies Helen Hobson and Sarah Ryan have teamed up with the versatile Sarah Eyden, an ex member of the world renowned Swingle Singers to create: "ACCESS ALL ARIAS"

Access All Arias sing their own arrangements of popular ‘Arias’ from Pucinni to Harold Arlen. They break the boundaries within the ‘classical crossover’ world and have established their own sound, performing the great songs that everyone can relate to. As individuals they boast impressive careers in the worlds of musical theatre, the classical concert stage and swingle influenced Jazz. This is high class entertainment with plenty of personality, exquisitely sung.

This is a vocal treat for any music lover as they take the audience on a musical journey to ..........Access All Arias!

Paul Whitfield

Paul Whitfield is the writer of our song gift for Cliff, 'Diamond' and I am delighted to welcome him as a honorary member of this club!  Paul hails from South Yorkshire in the north of England. He has been interested and fascinated by music for as long as he can remember. Throughout his teens he played keyboards in various local bands.

He first tried his hand at both singing and songwriting at the age of 18. He played on the northern club scene for 22 years before deciding to call it a day in 2010. He has many fond memories of those days (plus plenty he’d rather forget!) and he managed to collect quite a few awards along the way too. He's currently writing songs with a view to gaining interest from music publishers and artists.  Do go and check out his site: http://paulwhitfieldmusic.com/ and have a good look around, perhaps staying a while to listen to some of his media files!

Welcome to the club, Paul!

Steve Carroll


My right hand man in the 'Diamond' song project 9without whom I'm sure I would have failed!), Steve Carroll has been an entertainer most of his life but is now in semi-retirement. For him singing is a passion.

Although a major fan of the Cliff Richard and the Shadows era his shows also feature material from other icons of the 50s/60s. The shows are a “One man” format working to quality backing tracks. During the show he will  take you on a walk down memory lane relating some interesting facts about the songs and the stories behind what might have been happening at that time.

Steve is not a “tribute” singer, impressionist, impersonator or look-a -like and believes his shows are all about the ” music ”. His audiences have found his performances to be warm and friendly sharing some iconic and very special music. The main aim is for people to enjoy the experience.

Rock and Roll in Britain started with the likes of Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, Adam Faith etc. This was continued by groups like The Beatles, The Searchers and Gerry and The Pacemakers.

In addition material from the likes of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and Little Richard fuelled the Rock & Roll era. Steve wants to keep it alive featuring songs from all these legends in the various shows. 

Steve still gets a thrill from performing this timeless material and is only happy if his audience’s go away having enjoyed their time sharing his passion.

Package shows include:

Shadowing Cliff, Rock & Roll Remembered, Jukebox Icons. Rock & Roll Meets Country

Each show is either a one hour or 2 x 45 minute format.  Bespoke evening can also be arranged by clients selecting the show content from Steve’s catalogue

For a quotation or further information contact: steve-carroll1@hotmail.com

Welcome Steve!

Tony Jasper

Tony Jasper has interviewed Cliff for radio and newspaper over many years. He was one time Charts Editor of Record Mirror and has compiled numerous factual and statistical books on the music scene. He has written many books which include volumes on religion and human relationships. He lives in London. His message to the London and Surrey fan club, received December 2000, was as follows:

"Dear Carol, The issue of Cliff-Guaranteed just received is really, really very good! Congratulations! Keep up the hard work. Thanks for the mags!"

Cathy Hogg

Cathy Hogg, once a regular member, has always religiously sent me newspaper clippings and magazine articles to use in our club magazines.  She also has written articles and poems which I have printed in the past. The expense and trouble she has gone to since I've taken over the club warrants her honorary membership for pure dedication to us and Cliff Richard, her hero!

Sue Andrews

Where-ever Cliff is, you can be sure Sue will there too.  Sue is one of Cliff's official photographers and I regularly use the pictures that she takes.  She always offers them for sale at reasonable prices and also can provide gifts using the pictures too.  View some of her pictures here.


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